Staying Connected to Your Truth

The gift of inspiration is available when we are open to receiving it.  I am constantly learning something new about myself.  I celebrated my birthday this month and in the last week I’ve had a few truths revealed/confirmed.

When faced with challenges I need to remember to do the following things.

  • Stay Calm
  • Pray
  • Trust Myself
  • Be Flexible

I heard a radio program this week and the host was talking about being a team player.  He said he could differentiate between people who have never played team sports versus people who have.  This did not include sports such as Track & Field (me) where you function as an individual unless you run a relay.  I thought about this analogy and my life.  Have I acted like a person who is a team player or do I act as an individual?

As I mature my tolerance level for “nonsense” is low.  As a result, this may sometimes come across in a way that I don’t intend.  I have determined that while I enjoy my independence and individuality I will strive to be a better and more patient team player.  I will, however, still not tolerate nonsense, but instead learn to address it before it creates a snowball effect in my life and the people around me.

As part of this journey I have included some resources that you might find helpful.

Simple Truths, The gift of Inspiration

Inspirational movies from the Simple Truth website

The Tac Movie


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