Spring Cleaning

I found a great book at the library’s sale today. It’s called Detox for Life. Detox your mind, body, relationships, and home. I’ve gone through it briefly and I can’t wait to start working on somethings. I’ll tell the truth, no I won’t commit to reading it from cover to cover and implementing everything. That would put it on my must do list and I would get bored. Instead I will take small bites. It came just in time as I was listening to a woman on the radio today who said we should do some internal spring cleaning. She suggested a week of fruits and vegetables among other things. I won’t go into detail here because this will be food for my newsletter, so you have to check it out to get the nitty gritty.

Speaking of spring cleaning I’m spring cleaning self-centered people out of my life. I had a revelation last month. People really do look out for number one. I know what you’re thinking, but I honestly was under the impression that people gave thought to how their actions impact others. I realize now that’s not always true and I need to do me more.

As a result of my epiphany I have committed myself to removing self-centered people from my life, and thinking about me first more often. That doesn’t mean I’ll be stepping on toes anytime soon, but it does mean I will say no more frequently; consider if my decisions are based on me or them; and not feel guilty about either action.

This will work for me. It will help me to accomplish more of what I need to do. I recently read another book (I’ve been through about 5 in the last month) that put me on the track to considering if my decisions are me or them based. I discovered many are them based, but that’s another blogfest, so I have begun a process of elimination. It feels good.

One thing I have said yes to and can’t wait to get started are my Mamatoto Birth Circles. Swahili for MotherBaby, the birth circles, give new and expecting moms a positive place to share and find support. I also updated my website and owned up to the fact that I am a birth practitioner. As a result its jazzy and first rate and speaks to my passion. And think, that was only after one 1hour coaching session.

Gotta run now, but until we meet again.

Yours in health,

Well, until we meet again enjoy and share.


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