Get Your Head in the Game

Staying focused on what you want to achieve sometimes feels like the left and the right side of your brain are competing for your attention.  Who says you can’t have it all?  I disagree, you can have it all but like anything we take on portion size and balance is key.  First decide what your all will be.  For me its ALL THINGS BIRTH.  I want it all but I’m portioning it out so I don’t gorge myself.  My right now is being a better birth professional and that means studying to be a Professional Labor and Postpartum Assistant.  As much as I know I’ve already learned a great deal in less than a month.  Not simply about the art and professional but more about myself.  Parts of this journey I don’t look forward to (keeping it real), yet I know its required if I am to become better at my craft as a birth professional.  A woman who supports, encourages and nurtures other women.  So to all of you out there who sometimes hesitate, GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.


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