Mind Control

Mind Over Birth by Carl Jones.  I recently completed reading this book from my Birth Arts International reading list.  I am studying under its Monitrice Program.  Monitrice is French for instructor or teacher and has commonly been used to refer to driving instructor or similar roles.  In this context it being used to refer to the person who works with a mother in all phases of pregnancy up to and including birth and postpartum support.  It’s an interesting word to get used to particularly since its not a commonly used one.  In any event I read this book as part of my requirement and was very satisfied with it.  It deals with mental imagery and various forms of mental relaxation.  It goes beyond relaxation and addresses visualizing a healthy pregnancy, the birth of your choice, and parenting.  I came away with some useful tools for my clients. I prefer the term mental imagery (now that I know it) to visualization or relaxation alone.  Mental imagery opens one up more and creates the impression of the mind in control which is just what this book is about.  This is a direction I have been exploring and this was a great place to begin.

One great example was getting started and using your senses to create the mental image of an orange.  You use your mind to touch, smell, and taste this orange. With all the fear mongering going on when it comes to birth its great to have more tools in the natural birth bag to help mothers slay the fear dragon.

If you’re interested I’ll update you on how my training is going.  There is a lot to tell and I am sure there is someone out there who is wondering about taking a similar path.


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