The rains have finally come to wash away the grit and grime and prepare us for another sunny day.  Two wonderful things took place this weekend.  I took a day and a half off to rest, relax and rejuvenate; and I took a nice walk with my daughter. The first thing was inspired by a neighbors comment that I’m always working.  This was her response to my explanation that I spent the day in the country, the catalyst being a meeting I attended. I was subtly blown away by her comment.  This from a woman that doesn’t see me everyday.  The next wonderful thing was a mother-daughter walk to purchase a Sunday paper and coconut water. During this thirty minute adventure we talked and laughed, fussed (just a little), and challenged each other to hill climbing. All in all I would say it was an exceptional weekend.  What did you do recently that made your day seem that much sweeter? Anything that made the rainfall seem like a welcome friend cleansing the earth and preparing you for the next manifestation of sunshine? Did you have any encounters that made you feel reborn, that touched your mind-body-soul-spirit? If not, seek out the rainbow after tonight’s showers and follow it to its pot of gold. See what’s waiting there for you then remember to give thanks.


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