10 Things Not to do During Pregnancy

I know…when you start a sentence with the work don’t people often miss the word don’t and only hear the last part. However, I couldn’t resist creating this list for this weeks blog. I was reading Science and Sensibility and it sparked the thought. Please share with a pregnant woman.

10. Do Not  watch the Baby Story
9. Do Not watch I didn’t Know I was Pregnant
8. Refuse to listen to pregnancy horror stories
7. Refuse to listen to labor horror stories
6. Do not choose a prenatal provider that says “huh” whenever you ask a question
5. Do Not smoke tobacco, or be exposed to secondhand smoke
4. Do Not drink alcohol; including beer, wine, and wine coolers
3. Do Not have unprotected sex outside of a mutually monogamous relationship
2. Do Not be afraid to ask your health care provider questions
1. Do Not be afraid to change your prenatal care provider if you don’t feel comfortable with them


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