Traveling with Midwife-To-Be to the Dominican Republic: One Doula’s Story…Nearing the 30 Day Mark

As the days are winding down and the departure date is quickly approaching I feel both the tension of preparing and the excitement of traveling converging within. I am confident that all of my donation needs will be met; otherwise I wouldn’t be called to make this trip. I am expecting great things to be accomplished through me and prayerfully by me, and more importantly I expect to be transformed by this journey. I am already feeling humbled at the prospect of being able to serve the women and share the grace that I have received. While I am donating my time there are still areas where I can use help. My Trip Expenses: Just Us Women Productions has paid my airfare. The remaining trip cost of $550/trip, food, lodging and transportation is being sought from sponsors and donors. Sponsors and donors can make payments via PayPal at . No donation is too small, $10, $15, whatever you are capable of providing. Non-Monetary Needs: I still very much need sterile and non-sterile gloves, and for the newborns onesis and hats. Checks or money orders can be mailed to Just Us Women Productions, PO Box 744, Harriman, NY 10926. This is a personal endeavor so you won’t be able to write it off, but I hope that won’t be an obstacle. If you have material donations they can be mailed to the same address or you can contact me at 914-595-2065 to make alternate arrangements. I want to once again thank Earth Mother Angel Baby for their product donation and Americares for its donation of over the counter supplies (i.e., prenatal vitamins, gauze, etc…). I will continue to keep you posted.


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