Traveling with Midwfe-To-Be to the Dominican Republic…One Doula’s Story

It’s a little more than 24 hours before Christmas Eve and I have boxes and bags in my dining room. My neighbor stopped by briefly the other night laughed and commented that it looked like I was moving. I’m going to take some time tomorrow to start packing and weighing my supplies. Continental Airlines you get one more chance to do something good and waive my airline luggage fees.The boxes are full of medical supplies and I figure if God provided them He’ll make them fit. Today I picked up some gifts, and arts and crafts kits for projects with the kids. I bought some adorable shiny necklaces for the little girls. Originally I was going to order them from Oriental Trading, but after shipping costs I realized the Walmart party section was a better investment. Thank you to all who have generously contributed to this trip. Your donations and sponsorship have lightened the load and made it easier to focus on filling the need. One special doctor is even sending me scrubs. Being a doula is an incredibly fascinating world.The way you are woven into one of the most intimate times in a woman’s life. It’s amazing when get to that place where you are in sync with her rhythm and rituals. Despite the language differences (I didn’t practice my Spanish quite as much as I would have liked to) I know that birth is about so much more than words. It’s about looking into that’s mother’s eyes and feeling her emotions. Watching her, listening to her breathing. That doesn’t mean I won’t have my flash cards with Spanish phrases for birth, but its good that I know what birth looks and feels like and I’m not afraid of it. I hear things will be different from what I am accustomed to, and I’m asking God for guidance. Part of me wishes I could just pack a knapsack and jump on the next flight. One day I look forward to being able to take those type of road trips. You know, you read about a need and you’re out the door. In the meantime I take what I can get and I’m grateful. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!



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