Traveling with Midwife-To-Be to the Dominican Republic…One Doula’s Story

Counting down the last days before I hit the road. Most of the members of my group left today and they should all be settled in barring any flight delays. I finally found white Crocs for the trip.  I can honestly say there is nothing as unattractive as white Crocs in a woman’s size 11. I packed over the weekend which means I am going to repack tomorrow, don’t ask. That’s why its important to pack early so you can leisurely make changes. We will be staying in the Azua Province. Wikipedia lists the population in 2008 at 2,061 so it’s a far cry from Santo Domingo. I found a website that gives the history of the Province, but it’s in Spanish which means it will take me a while to translate it. From what I do understand it seems to be primarily agricultural. I look forward to learning about the the location and the people first hand.


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