I Am Woman Hear Me Roar! Vocalizing during labor!

The sound of a woman roaring and vocalizing during birth is one of the most beautiful sounds to my ear.  The sheer strength and power in her voice radiates through her body and helps to let her baby out.  S was such a woman I met in the Dominican Republic. She was my favorite mama hands down because she defied the status quo. Beautiful, tall and strong S was dealing with some serious back labor, which I recognized early on as OP, and despite the fact that this wasn’t her first birth she was having a hard time. She did everything we encourage mamas to do to encourage their babies to turn. Before I share what some of those things were here are some important things to remember. About 15%-30% of babies present posterior at the onset of labor (Posterior Labor: a Pain in the Back, Valerie El Halta). Upwards of 85%-90% of posterior babies will turn before birth when given the opportunity. Posterior, or OP, means the back of the baby’s head is resting in the mom’s spinal area so during labor the contractions concentrate on her sacrum and back causing tremendous pain. So what did this young lady do right despite being told to get back in the bed? She stood; leaned forward on the bed and side table; got on her hands and knees in the bed (with my coaxing and support using sign language); vocalized-a lot; rocked; received a lot of counter pressure from me; many hip squeezes; and she did it over and over again. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER! Even when she was fussed by the staff she stood up for herself and continued to do what she needed. I knew when her baby had finally turned around because she dipped into that intense sleep mama’s fall into between contractions and her contractions appeared to be more manageable. This took several hours but she did it. I had to leave but when I returned the next day she was recovering nicely in the postpartum wing with her delicious son. We gave each other a warm tight hug and I took pictures of them. I was so proud of her and she will forever have a place in my heart.


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