Leading From Where You Are

Leadership. The concept of learning to be a good leader has been heavy on my mind this past two months. I have been focusing on building my character and what it means and looks like to let my “Yes be Yes and my No be No.” I am reading a number of books simultaneously but right now I have on my lap The Secret, What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. This books is in the form of a novel. It follows a mid-level manager as she tries to bring her teams performance up before she loses her job. Along the way she discovers some amazing things about herself and The Secret. So far on my journey I have learned that a person’s character is a priority, mine and the people I choose to associate with. I knew this before, but also I’ve started to look more at my character. Also, the idea of being a servant leader is being reinforced far beyond how I previously defined it. So far so good.


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