Midwifery Webinar October 9, 2012 – National Midwifery Week Activity

Sign up for a free webinar being offered tonight (October 9th) from 8-9pm EDT in celebration of National Midwifery Week, October 7-13th.  “Midwives:  Providing Care that Makes a Positive Difference” will focus on midwifery care in the US and is intended to educate women about midwifery as an option for maternity and primary care.  The webinar will review growth trends in midwifery care, types of midwives in the US, scope of clinical practice and why many families choose midwifery care.  It will also include a report on research by and about midwives and how to find a midwife in your area.  Midwives are also encouraged to attend in order to contribute to the discussion.  Register for the webinar at https://cc.readytalk.com/r/xjflphd4m2dl.  For more information on National Midwifery Week, go to http://midwife.org/National-Midwifery-Week.


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