40 Ways to 40 Weeks: Easy fun ways to have a healthy pregnancy – Part 1

  1. Smile
  2. Hire a doula
  3. Eat delicious nutritious food
  4. Walk everyday
  5. Enjoy fresh air
  6. Choose a midwife
  7. Enjoy healthy snacks
  8. Drink water with fruit slices
  9. Luxuriate in a warm bath
  10. Treat yourself to a massage
  11. Write in your journal
  12. Choose a Family Medicine doctor
  13. Pay attention to your unborn baby’s sleep wake cycles
  14. Enjoy reflexology
  15. Pamper yourself
  16. Take a modified Zumba class
  17. Make a list of questions for your next prenatal visit
  18. Stop watching reality birth shows
  19. Listen to groovy music
  20. Dance like no one’s watching


Coming January 2013. Understanding Your Birth – Comprehensive Online Childbirth Classes.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the resources included in this course.

Handout: Anemia During Pregnancy

This handout answers the following questions.

  • What is anemia?
  • How does it affect pregnancy?
  • What causes anemia?
  • What are some signs of anemia?
  • Natural foods you can eat to help with the condition.

Click here to stay in the loop. Receive priority notification about the next available risk-free tutorial introducing Chapter One: Pregnancy Introduction, hosted by Tamara Wrenn. You also receive a free bonus gift, “Food As Medicine Chart.”


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