40 Ways to 40 Weeks: Easy fun ways to have a healthy Pregnancy – Part 2

21. Laugh

22. Spend quiet time with someone you love

23. Move your sexy body

24. Take a childbirth education class with an independent instructor

25. Share your love

26. Choose a prenatal provider who believes in shared decision making

27. Learn about breastfeeding

28. Practice labor comfort techniques

29. Spend daily quiet time with your unborn baby getting used to her movements

30. Sleep 7-8 hours a night, or try 9

31. Try a belly dance class – Get in touch with your body

32. Aromatherapy is scent-sational

33. No alcohol

34. Drink herbal tea (find out what’s best)

35. Limit the junk food

36. Eat organic and/or locally grown

37. Be still

38. Practice visualization

39. Read Spiritual Midwifery

40. Pray

Coming January 2013. Understanding Your Birth – Comprehensive Online Childbirth Classes.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Chapter Two: Labor Introduction While your own labor will be a uniquely personal experience, all labors follow the same natural process that brings about the everyday miracle of birth. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the different stages of labor, including the physical and emotional changes you’ll experience as you give birth.

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