A 3 Step Process for Painlessly Finding Pregnancy and Birth Information

Finding the right information about pregnancy and giving birth can be time consuming.  With so many resources available on the internet, through apps, on television and in books (yes people still read books) knowing exactly where to begin can be difficult. This information overload also pushes many expecting moms to skip formal childbirth classes because they believe the myth…they can’t possibly learn anything new.

Finding the best resource doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are 3 painless steps for finding pregnancy and birth information.

Step 1: identify your beliefs about birth. Many women wrongly view pregnancy as something that happens to them, as opposed to one phase of their life which is impacted by their lifetime of experiences. Ask yourself a few key questions which will help you discover what you believe about birth.  Do you believe birth is normal, healthy or dangerous? How was this belief formed? What fears about e birth do you have? Where do these ideas come from?

Step 2: choose a resource which supports best practices for pregnancy and giving birth. Best practices are baby laptopdefined as a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved by other means, the best in its class. There is an overwhelming amount of information available about pregnancy and birth, but not all of it is correct, builds women’s confidence to have a satisfying and healthy birth, or addresses their fears in a healthy way.

Step 3: take an independent comprehensive childbirth class. The reality about childbirth classes is this…fewer women take classes and many should. Childbirth classes are about more than learning how to breathe. They teach expecting women and families about their choices, how to be their own best advocate for prenatal health care, and how shared decision making with their prenatal provider moves them closer towards having a more satisfying birth experience.

Your takeaway

Knowing that preparing for birth doesn’t have to be rocket science should take some of the anxiety out of planning, but you need to plan. If you decide to simply show up at your birth then don’t be surprised that things don’t quite work out the way you imagined. It’s less about controlling the situation and more about entering into it with openness, acceptance and anticipation.

So let’s recap your steps.

  • Step 1: Identify your beliefs about birth
  • Step 2: Choose  resources which support best practices for pregnancy and giving birth
  • Step 3: Take an independent comprehensive childbirth class

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